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Prototype DVD rental site, University course work by Marcus Rodney. -ISLAND OFFICIAL TRAILER, DVD RENTAL AND MORE…click the link for more information

This video i have made shows you how you can get a free gift from this website: This a site that gives you a free gift based on the number of people you refer to the website. This is not a scam and the following clips will give you an insite into how it works. Here’s how to get your free gift. Step 1: Go to: Step 2: Search for an item that you want for free in the search box. I recommend choosing the item that you want most because they’re all just as easy to get as each other. Click on the item you want, and then click add to basket. Step 3: Sign up by typing in your email address and shipping information. Type this in correctly so they know where to ship your item. Step 4: Sign upto one of their offers. This could be a minimum deposit on a site or a DVD Rental trial. THere are a few free ones so have a look around. Step 5: Once you have completed the offer, you will be asked to start referring people to the site. Depending on the item you want, the number can vary. As soon as you reach the required amount, freebiejeebies will send out your free gift. Simples My friend just got an iPhone last week which has catapulted me into action. It really is simple.! YOU REALY CAN GET A FREE IPHONE *WITH PROOF* OR ANYOTHER ITEM I HAVE A £1200 LAPTOP I GOT FROM THIS SITE HERE IS MY NOTE PAD TEXT ________________________________________________________________________________ hello welcome to our free iphone’s video coutesy of this realy works this video contains proof! go on type or justcardiff with no spaces or click here for direct link ————————————————————————— click read more then scroll down read it for infomation at the bottom of the page click the attachment for pictures of proof click on one of the links —————————————————————————– it will direct you to freebiejeebies select your prize (you can change it later) create a account with valid details ———————————————————————————- Complete a offer, I suggest completing the LoveFilm offer as its free and you also get to receive a free DVD rental! I must point out, that there is many offers to choose from, I just find this one of the easiest. So we will get an lovefilm account with the pomotion, means for full two weeks, you are not paying a single coin, you request just ONE dvd, after you received the dvd, just send them back with the provided envelope ( free as well ) and cancel your free trial in the “my account” panel. At all, no single coin Yeah, the trailer does look awful, but I watch good movies as well as shitty ones. I was planning on watching this movie on January 29th, 2010, but unfortunately the DVD rental didn’t have it. But I will see it one day, I don’t know when, but one day I will see it.

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