Be Kind Rewind (2008) Starring Jack Black (King Kong)

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9 Responses to “BE KIND REWIND”

  • enthusisticint:

    I like watching this movie – was better than I thought – its online at Latest Release Movies -dot -com

  • Skull10:

    They should have released on VHS too!

  • Kieranizmyname:

    It was an alright film, i laughed my ass off at the movie parodies, they needed a bit more comedy to keep it going.

  • pacmancoolest15g:

    it was okay

  • ThePinkLadyJ:

    The effort is appreciated and good luck finding a new, more permanent, set for the vhs show. I look forward to seeing the show again.

  • zzzpunkiezzz:

    I liked that movie a lot to dude. Great review.

  • TheVHSDude:

    The VHS Show will return. It’s just that I’m trying to figure out a new angle for the show. As you may have noticed, I’ve been going through some scenery changes. Not to mention I have a full-time job now. I’m just trying to get some content up for the time being.

  • ThePinkLadyJ:

    I kinda miss the old format of the VHS show. Sitting in front of the tv while giving the review it seemed more involved and interesting. Do find another sofa and old tv to sit in front of, I miss those old vhs reviews.

  • nesfan1111:

    That DVD packaging reminds me of the Criterion DVD of Videodrome where it is a BETA tape and that film is packaged in a similar way.

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